Coach M.J Miller

The owner and head coach of the team. 

Coach Miller was born in Naples, FL but was raised in Palm Bay, FL since the age of 5 years old. did all of his schooling in Palm Bay. He went to the newest school in the county which was Heritage High School. Coach Miller played 3 years of basketball for the school and that's when he began coaching youth basketball at the age 15. After high school he went Methodist University were he played for a season then he returned back to palm bay where continued sharping his skills coaching. He always believed that Brevard county could be a big recruiting county that could contend with any other county. He knew that colleges and other counties didn't give them the respect they deserved. He knew If Brevard county had a pro team or a development team that competed on a high level that the county could grow around would be the gateway it needed to help athletes get scouted and help them pursue their dreams. Coach Miller has been on this mission for 5 years and now it has finally paid off.   


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